To meet financial market’s expectations and create value, firms should devise strategies which generate growth and at the same time achieve returns above their Cost of Capital: this is what is called Profitable Growth. In nowaday’s turbulent world, achieving Profitable Growth is becoming ever more challenging since those two goals are antagonistic; Profitable Growth is an oxymoron, a contradiction in itself.

Executives should become familiar with the behaviours, competitive strategies and performance metrics which will allow them to steer their company through the Profitable Growth maze.

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This seminar uses the specifically designed ValuePlus Business simulation to blend theory and practice. It provides with an intense, competitive and enjoyable action-learning environment, for participants to experience the challenges of value creation.

What will you gain from this seminar?

  • understand the need for an “helicopter view” view of the company
  • practice value-creating decisions and reflect on current value-creating financial strategies
  • grasp the “Profitable Growth” paradox and its consequences for a company expansion path
  • understand the role of Value Innovation


Who should attend this seminar?


The program is directed to operational managers and executives who want to ensure that their day-to-day and strategic decisions lead to value creation. No financial background is necessary to participate although financial thinking will be ubiquitous.


What will you learn from this seminar?

  • understand where is value coming from
  • link operational decisions to value creation
  • look for the company’s value drivers
  • use benchmarking to improve company’s performance
  • relate performance metrics to value creation

Creating Value through Management of Profitability and Growth

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