Hi-potential executives on the fast track must be ready to meet increasingly heavy demands and high expectations. Essentials for high-impact leaders will accelerate your impact through practical knowledge and tools you need to turn leadership challenges into opportunities, uncovering and applying your greatest potential and purpose as a leader.

This program identifies several of the skill sets that high-impact leaders have. It is a high-level, non-traditional program designed to move participants from their comfort zone into an arena of practical application of influential leadership skills and techniques. Through inspiring lectures delivered by experienced faculty members of Sasin and Birkbeck College, University of London, interactive discussions with colleagues and experiential workshops, participants will gain insights and essential skills of leadership.


Program content and topics covered

  • A profound understanding and awareness of how you are perceived as a leader in the context of your organization via self-assessment tools, 360-degree feedback, and one-on-one coaching. Sessions are customized to reflect how each participant’s personality and energy impacts on the energy and performance of their team members.
  • Effective communication skills which includes active listening skills, persuasive verbal and non-verbal communication, and giving and receiving feedback for talents in the workplace.
  • Coaching skills for performance excellence through role playing, simulations, and small group coachings. Participants will be inspired and challenged to identify and transform their personal weaknesses into leadership strengths.

In three days, participants will learn to select proper communication techniques and effective coaching tools to match their leadership style and contexts of their team and organizations.

Who Should Attend?

      Executive and senior leaders in all types of organizations

      Individuals with outstanding careers and leadership roles in various settings

Essentials for High-impact Leaders
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