Financial Management For Non-financial Executives

The financial environment is changing rapidly, and financial communications are becoming increasingly complex. This course will simplify the financial world for you by providing you with a solid understanding of the way finance people think and the vocabulary they use. 


What will you gain from this seminar?

  • Understand the financial implications of their strategic and operational decisions.
  • Make resource acquisition and allocation decisions in ways that create value.
  • Use financial information to become more productive in their functional areas.
  • Communicate better with the firm’s financial managers.


Who should attend this seminar?

      Middle to senior level managers in areas such as marketing, sales, engineering, or manufacturing as well as the general manager whose background is not in finance. No prior in-depth knowledge of accounting or finance is necessary. The program is directed towards users of financial information rather than those who prepare and disseminate it.


What will you learn from this seminar?

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Read and understand financial statements.
  • Evaluate the financial strengths and weaknesses of a company through financial analysis.
  • Understand how financial decisions such as capital budgeting and resource allocation fit into corporate strategy.
  • Understand the use of contribution margin analysis and other planning and decision making tools.
  • Comprehend the link between activity-based management and value creation.
  • Understand how managing the corporate value chain affects corporate profitability.

Financial Management for Non-financial Executives (July 26-28, 2016)
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