Today’s customer is far more informed and demanding that at any time in the past. As a result, the customer service function has grown in significance to the point that it is now a Key Success Factor for all organizations. Indeed, management has witnessed a “service revolution” as increasingly empowered customers demand improved levels of interaction with their suppliers— and defect rapidly from those who do not meet these higher standards. Where doyou stand today with your customers?

Essentially all suppliers have been affected, which includes organizations that provide a “pure” service to its customers (the offering of “intangible goods” such as healthcare, hospitality, finance, retailers, education, and online service providers), as well as those that provide physical goods such as consumer electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and communications hardware, to name but a few. Moreover, the demand for service excellence cuts across all organizations, be they for-profit, non-profit, or the public sector—and includes both domestic firms as well as those operating across borders. In short, all organizations are service providers now!

And we might add that many organizations have also found that the provision of world-class service is just as critical for their “internal markets” as it is for traditional external customers—that is, in-house departments such as finance & accounting, HR, legal, and logistics and transportation that provide support to the line functions of the organization. All of these support departments must today learn how to provide service excellence to other organizational departments if the overall firm is to achieve its goals and objectives.


This unique and innovative Sasin Executive Education seminar in Service Excellence will provide the necessary tools and concepts to evaluate the organization’s existing service philosophy and service delivery system and then implement changes that will bring it up to world-class standards. The seminar is a comprehensive overview of the entire service function within the organization and includes such topics as: 

  • Building a culture for service excellence: the highly critical human resource management function for the successful service organization  
  • The interface of technology and services: customer data management including CRM as well as other new tools and concepts such as customer predictive analytics 
  • Developing and executing a world class customer service function for competitive advantage 
  • Service “blue printing”: the design and operation of a successful service delivery system 
  • Service “guarantees” and there significance as a marketing tool 

This two-day seminar will utilize lectures, participant discussion groups, case studies, and a number of exercises that will allow for thoughtful analysis of the participant’s own organization and how the information, concepts, and tools acquired in the seminar can be utilized “back at the office”. Accordingly, this seminar will help you to refocus your organization around building competitive advantage in the only place it counts…with the customer! In this program you will learn:

  • How to develop a customer satisfaction system that generates service excellence, customer loyalty, and customer retention.
  • Why customer retention and loyalty are key to the sustainable profits of the Firm.
  • How to empower front-line service workers to minimize customer defections.
  • What service guarantees consist of and how to use them profitably.
  • What the “moments of truth” are to customers and why they determine service excellence in the competitive marketplace. 
  • How to map the service flow in your organization to pinpoint potential bottlenecks.
  • Why it is critically important to build a culture of service excellence within the organization (including online service provision). 



This program is designed to meet the needs of a variety of staff personnel, managers, and senior executives in the organization. At one level it will be of relevance to the highest rung of management, up to and including CEOs and MDs who are charged with establishing and successfully executing a culture of service excellence within the organization. Functional managers will also benefit from participation; this includes marketing staff who have customer service responsibility, operations, financial and HR management personnel, and those who have a specific designation for customer service within their organization such as IT specialists. People in these roles, it should be noted, are found in organizations that provide either tangible or intangible goods to customers, as well as those working in for profit and non-profits or the public sector.

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