Senior Executive Program (SEP)

Two-Week Residential Program
August 19 - September 1, 2018

You’ve already achieved some business success. Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Sasin’s Senior Executive Program (SEP) has been helping mid-career executives gain fresh insights, spark new ideas, and connect with global experts and business leaders for more than 30 years.

This two-week residential program is designed to give you the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art tools, skills, and concepts you need to lead your organization in today's rapidly changing business environment and to help you reach your own career goals.

You’ll gain hands-on experience with our global experts and you’ll work with some of the top leaders from a range of different industries and backgrounds.

Despite the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere of the Dusit Thani Hua Hin Resort, this program is not a vacation! But it will allow you to step back from your day-to-day work life and reflect, refresh, and recalibrate your thinking.

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I participated in the Sasin Senior Executive Program - SEP 31 class of 2017. Sasin Senior Executive Program is the perfect choice for any executive looking for a program to strengthen skills and update knowledge in an effective way. It has been two unforgettable weeks. A strong group of interesting people – who I now call friends - from different industries, top-professors from leading universities, well-planned program from Sasin, and an outstanding setting at Dusit Thani! I give my best recommendations to the Sasin SEP.

Mr. Martin Lassen (SEP-31, Class of 2017)

Commercial DirectorJorgen Kruuse A/S (KRUUSE), Denmark

Having attended 2-week Sasin Senior Executive Program during August 20 to September 2, 2017 (SEP31) was really impressive and remarkable.  The program provided me great valuable frameworks for thoughts on essential aspects, by great Professors who made sophisticated things much simpler. It also made available friendship with lovely classmates from various agencies. Thus, I strongly recommend SEP to any executive who wants to enhance his/her professionalism.

Khun Korkanok Kijbanjai (SEP-31, Class of 2017)

Executive Director, Broadcasting Corporate Affairs BureauOffice of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission

Sasin Senior Executive Program is extremely useful for senior executives to join. It’s the perfect platform whereby executives can refresh their knowledge on business. Many of us might have the MBA degree before but when you join this SEP program which is taught by the world reputed professors from Wharton and Kellogg School, it really enlarges your vision and I believe it will ultimately help improve your own business. Besides the knowledge and educational side, you will be joined by many other Executives from Multinational Corporation, Governmental Bureaus and State Enterprises which are great for platform to network with Executives from other companies and other industries. It’s an unforgettable 2 great weeks.

Mr. Chalermpong Darongsuwan (SEP- 31, Class of 2017)

Managing Director – Philips Lighting
Philips Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.

My experience with Sasin Senior Executive Program was outstanding.  There were a great classmates, great Professors and great environment.  Overall, this was a very valuable experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their professional abilities. I didn't have the time for the standard MBA program, but these two weeks of Senior Executive Program was a perfect solution for me.

Brian E Griffin (SEP-31, Class of 2017)

Chief Executive Officer

Vero Public Relations Co., Ltd.

“The SEP curriculum has broadened my knowledge in many respects, which has helped me to better assess the various experiences of my career, especially the essential quality of leadership. Sasin’s SEP provides essential theoretical and practical aspects of business management in this fast changing world.”

Mr. Vichien Usanachote (SEP-23, Class of 2009)

The Bangchak Petroleum Public Co., Ltd.

“SEP not only strengthened our management skills but also broadened our horizon of the current world.”

Mr. Viroj Vithayaveroj (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Chairman and Managing Director
Philips Thailand Ltd.

"Sasin’s 3-week residential program gave me an invaluable experience as well as long-lasting and memorable friendships with my classmates. The SEP curriculum provides just the right balance of theoretical and practical aspects of business management and leadership. It was the best and most productive three weeks I have ever spent in any training."

Mr. Kovit Kantapasara (SEP-14, Class of 2000)

President and Chief Executive Officer
General Electric International Operation Co., Inc.

“SEP-20 changed my mindset to anticipate the global business landscape, define Leadership, Value Creation & Marketing in a short time.”

Mr. Mas'ud Khamid (SEP-20, Class of 2006)

Executive General Manager of Regional Division II
PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia

“The Sasin SEP program provides us the ultimate act of perspicuous thinking, as well as helping us unleash our talents and curiosity to reach our full potential during a process of discovery. Sasin’s SEP also provides us with long-lasting friendships with classmates. This combination of benefits has made me even more appreciative of this valuable 3-week residential program.”

Ms. Namphon Rassadanukul (SEP-25, Class of 2011)

Senior Vice President (Department of CEO Office) & Corporate Secretary
Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Co., Ltd.

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the Team Building workshop. I wish everyone at my office could do the workshop. Leadership was also what I wanted to focus on. I know now what I need to improve. Finance was what I expected to focus on the least but now I am able to understand the logic behind those numbers. Thank you to all the staff and professors.

Mr. Apirak Apijitchaichot (SEP-28, Class of 2014)


The SEP is the best executive coaching program, and it’s helped me to improve myself by learning from great professors and outstanding classmates.

Mr. Arnut Yospanya (SEP-28, Class of 2014)

Managing Director – Bio Power Business
Mitr Phol Bio-Power Co., Ltd.

SEP 2014 gave me a good chance to learn many aspects of modern management. It is not only a refresher course but it also helps strengthen our modern management skills. I also had a chance to share my experiences with my classmates and I’ve created a network among the participants and Sasin.

Mr. Bundit Chaisilboon (SEP-28, Class of 2014)

Vice President – New Venture 3, Exploration & New Venture Division
PTT Exploration and Production Public Co., Ltd.

Value creation is creating “someone else’s benefits”. Value creation, therefore, is not only creating value for the market and making profit (rewards & recognition) from the market, but also importantly increasing a company’s value. This is how SEP is designed and what it emphasizes. I was glad to be part of the program, and I made good friends along the way. It was one of the most productive, worthwhile 3 weeks that I’ve spent.

Mr. Chainarong Isadawong (SEP-28, Class of 2014)

First Executive Vice President, Managing Director – Operation Group
Krungthai Bank Public Co., Ltd.

I got not only the theoretical and practical aspects, but Sasin’s SEP also gave me a “beyond” point of view in business management and leadership skills, as well as memorable friendships with my classmates from various industries. This will help me quite a lot in future business partnerships.

Mr. Chaiyong Puapongsakorn (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Metropolitan Electricity Authority

In this 3-week time at SEP, I experienced a lot both in the classroom and during group activities. I liked all of the subjects because they combined the theoretical and the practical aspects. The quality of the participants was excellent and the organizer was professional. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot during these 3 weeks.

Mr. Jadsada Koonmee (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Local Business Unit Manager for Transformer
ABB Limited

In my view this 3-week program helped me to better assess various experiences. I met a lot of new classmates. During the class we could share and learn ideas from our classmates that will be useful for our careers in business.

Mr. Jarueg Greetawee (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Group Managing Director – China Business
Mitr Phol Sugar Corp.,Ltd.

The SEP program is the best executive program I have ever attended. The variety of knowledge shared by genius professors is not easy to find.

Mr. Jirawat Limsong (SEP-28, Class of 2014)

Managing Director
CJH Group

Very comprehensive courses for both MBA and non-MBA background participants. A lot of great participants. I am very pleased to join this program.

Mr. Monton Santivongskul (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Vice President – Strategic Planning
PTT Exploration and Production Public Co.,Ltd.

The SEP Program gave me the best experience in understanding many aspects of business management. The program has very well trained lecturers who taught us not only strategy and theoretical aspects but also practical aspects and how to execute them into business practices.

Mr. Muhammad Awaluddin (SEP-20, Class of 2006)

Executive General Manager of Regional Division I
PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia

I was very happy that I joined SEP-28. This was an opportunity for me to learn concepts of business management and leadership, such as “6 value drivers”, that I can implement and share in my department.

Mr. Naris Terdthampiboon (SEP-28, Class of 2014)

Vice President – Natural Gas Distribution Engineering & Project Management
PTT Public Co., Ltd.

SEP program gave me a broader knowledge in business theory and strategic management. During these past 3 weeks, it was a valuable time for experience sharing and social networking among classmates.

Ms. Navadee Ruangrattanametee (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Vice President – Business Development 1
Thaire Life Assurance Public Co.,Ltd.

I learned a lot during Sasin’s 3-week residential program. I got a lot of theoretical and practical ideas, and business management and leadership skills. I am very excited by what I’ve learned and I enjoyed being part of this program.

Ms. Ni Ni Nay Aung (SEP-28, Class of 2014)

Deputy General Manager
Shwe Taung Development Co., Ltd.

Thank you “Sasin Team” for enhancing my knowledge in so many areas. I had an invaluable time at “SEP-28”. You helped me to see my company’s future strategic goals, as well as find new opportunities to improve myself to lead a stronger team. I now understand how important quality leadership is, in order to tackle the obstacles in this unpredictable business world. You encouraged me to better myself further to meet these new challenges. It is hard to describe your program. It really needs to be experienced. The network I have access to now and the friendships that I have made will last a long time.

Mr. Nick Carsten Klaus Reitmeier (SEP-28, Class of 2014)

Executive Vice President – Buying, Own Brands & Premium Format Development
Central Food Retail Co., Ltd.

The SEP curriculum focuses on various subjects that are essential to my future career path and helped me to see how to leverage that essential knowledge and those techniques to improve my capabilities. These past 3 weeks, I have spent valuable time sharing experiences and networking among my classmates.

Mr. Pairote Kietisirikajorn (SEP-28, Class of 2014)

General Manager of Information Technology Department
Chaitai Co., Ltd.

SEP is a holistic program that contains all essential managerial knowledge and techniques for executives. It is a great opportunity to learn and to share global viewpoints from excellent professors as well as the other executives from various businesses. Also, it’s a great opportunity to leverage such essential knowledge and techniques to improve our capabilities.

Mrs. Pimonporn Poolnapol (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Senior Vice President – Housing Loans Product & Distribution Department
Bangkok Bank Public Co.,Ltd.

If a person is looking for a good tool to develop people in a short period of time, I would strongly recommend Sasin’s “SEP”. The course includes microeconomics, marketing, leadership, finance and strategic management. The networking is also included both in the class and outside.

Mr. Rangsan Bhengbhun (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Executive Vice President , Special Thailand Domestic Exploration
PTT Exploration and Production Public Co.,Ltd.

Prior to attending SEP, I thought, “the next 3 weeks will probably be boring because I have to sit in class all day long with the same classmates and stay in the same hotel”. In fact, there wasn’t a single moment that I thought was boring. The class program was well organized and taught by high quality professors. The hotel and food were fantastic with very good service. It was really worthwhile for me to spend 3 weeks in the SEP-27 class. In addition, I made many good friends who come from various industries. Thanks Sasin.

Mr. Siridech Kumvongdee (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Executive Vice President
PTT Phenol Co.,Ltd.

The 3 weeks of SEP at the Dusit Thani Hua-Hin was one of the most valuable training sessions that I have experienced. I got a lot of knowledge that will be very useful for my career. All of the professors were superb lecturers, the accommodation and food were good and Sasin’s staff was very helpful. The most important thing is the memorable friendship I have now with my classmates.

Mrs. Suchada Borsub (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Executive Director – Tourism Investment Department
Tourism Authority of Thailand

Attending the SEP 3-week program was very rewarding for me. The curriculum walked me through various subjects which are essential to my future career path. Most of the professors have great capabilities to explain such complex material to participants from various backgrounds in layman terms, which were easy to understand. The most important thing is the invaluable friendship that has been built up among our SEP-27 classmates. I strongly recommend this program to the mid-career candidate.

Mrs. Suchada Jirattitichareon (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Vice President – Petroleum Economics Department
PTT Exploration and Production Public Co.,Ltd.

SEP is definitely a valuable course and the appropriate answer for most organizations to prepare their leaders and executives for the future.

Mr. Supoj Hirunsap (SEP-28, Class of 2014)

Deputy Managing Director
MMP Corporation Ltd.

I was personally asked by a friend to join this SEP and my first intention was to have a long break. But I found that this is an amazing program during which I worked with world-class professors and updated my knowledge of economics and business principles. This program is a best fit for both entrepreneurs and executives! Thanks to all the professors, the support team and all the participants. One of my most rewarding experiences!

Mr. Supoj Ratanasirivilai (SEP-28, Class of 2014)

Deputy Managing Director
Thai PP-R Co., Ltd.

The Sasin SEP curriculum and all professors who gave lectures in this program were very impressive. This 3-week program provides the knowledge and experience of both the theoretical and practical aspects of business management in a changing world. We had the opportunity to learn and share knowledge as well as opportunities to form relationships among the participants from different industries. It is the best and most memorable program.

Mrs. Surangkana Techapaitoon, M.D. (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Hospital Director
Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital

This curriculum is extensively valuable in terms of knowledge, worthy case studies, practical business issues and global leadership concepts. I will use this SEP knowledge to motivate and activate it to accommodate business challenges in the future.

Mr. Suthi Panpanit, Ph.D. (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Director – PTT Innovation Park Project
PTT Public Co., Ltd.

SEP’s three-week-program helped me to better understand creating leadership development and integrating all critical, practical aspects in the business world by the best, most experienced faculty in the world. We have been exposed to new experiences, and new networks: it is a fun, memorable atmosphere that really helps everyone go to the next step of life.

Mr. Udom Leelataweewud, M.D. (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Deputy Hospital Director 
Samitivej Public Co., Ltd.

Sasin’s 3-week residential program is the best executive coaching program of its kind in this region. The faculty is world class and creates the right mix of current issues, academics and clarifying any ambiguities. It provides the best value for time and money.

Mr. Vikash Jalan (SEP-27, Class of 2013)

Assistant Vice President – Corporate Finance & Investor Relations
Indorama Ventures Public Co.,Ltd.

This was a great opportunity for me to participate and learn about various evolving global viewpoints from great professors. But the most important aspect of this experience has been the friendships that have developed among our classmates. I really enjoyed and appreciated this valuable 3-week residential program and I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for an outstanding program.

Mr. Weerapong Chaiyaput, M.D. (SEP-28, Class of 2014)


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