Program Interest Survey

To enable Sasin Executive Education to serve your business and management development more effectively, please tell us about your current interests by completing our Sasin Program Interest Survey.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Executive Education is a crucial part of Sasin's dedication to life-long learning and satisfying the ever-changing needs of the business community for leading-edge education that is vital and relevant.

Please feel free to add your own suggestions for subjects that could be offered. Your input is valuable and appreciated.

Part I: Executive Programs

1. What are the main factors that your company considers when deciding upon management/executive development programs?
Please rank the top 1 to 5 factors with 1 being the most important factor to 5 being the least important factor.

Interesting Topic Reasonable cost (Baht 59,500 - 89,500 for 2-4 days)
Knowledgeable/Well known speakers Location
Program content Reputation of organizing institute
Practical and actionable information/Suitable for business needs Recommended by other
Conducted in Thai Good service and coordination
Conducted in English Has special offers, e.g. discount for early application, special rate for members
International training program Company alliance/relationship
Attain certificate/professional credentials Networking
Duration Other (specify )

2. a) What are your positive impressions of Sasin Executive Development Programs? (multiple answers)

Good speakers and presentation Reasonable cost
Good program content Training that meets its objectives set
Conducted in English Get practical and relevant knowledge for work
Well organized High level of class participation and interaction
Good training aids/documents/handouts Strong reputation/image
Up to date information Joint program
Suitable location/Good facilities and food Other (specify)

b) What are your negative impressions of Sasin Executive Development Programs? (multiple answers)

Poor speakers and presentation Inconvenient location/Poor facilities and food
Poor program content High cost/Not good value
Conducted in English Training that does not meet objectives set
Poorly organized Do not get practical and relevant knowledge for work
Inadequate/insufficient training aids/documents/handout No class participation and interaction
Outdated information Other (specify)

3. a) Would you consider attending an executive development program organized by Sasin Executive Education this year?

Yes (go to Question 4) No (go to Question 3b)

b) Why would you not consider attending?

High cost/Not good value Conducted in English
Too long duration Uninteresting topics/Not relevant to business
Not enough PR/No advance training information Difficult to contact/access
So many other choices Inconvenient location
Previous negative experience Uninteresting speakers
Don’t get much out of training Inconvenient date and times
Already have company in-house training Other (specify)

4. If the following programs are to be offered, will you or your staff be interested in attending?

Yes No
Senior Executive Program (3-week)
Creating Value through Management of Product & Customer Profitability (2-day)
Financial Management for Non-Financial Executives (3-day)
Investment Made Easy (2.5-day)
Dynamic Capabilities: Strategic Management of the 21st Century Firm (3-day)
ASEAN 2015: Regional Strategies for Success (2-day)
Negotiations Skills for Maximizing Returns (2-day)
Leading Hi-performing Team across Borders (2-day)
Essentials for High-impact Leaders (3-day)
Cross Cultural Management & Negotiation Skills (2-day)
Leading and Managing Organization Change (2-day)
Follow the Horse: Leadership the Equine Way (2-day)
Global Academic Leadership Transition Training Workshop (1-day)
New Product and Innovation (3-day)
Consumer & Business Marketing Strategy (3-day)
Marketing Excellence for Strategic Competitive Advantage (4-day)
Successfully Managing Family Business (4-day)
Board Leadership (1-day)

5. a) What types of programs/topics would you like to see Sasin Executive Education offer?

b) What course length and scheduling do you prefer for Yourself and for Your Company? Please answer for both yourself and your company if applicable.

Course length for Yourself for Your Company
One week

Course scheduling
Evenings only

c) Do you have any recommendations for Sasin Executive Education to make it more relevant to you and your staff’s needs?

6. Are you Sasin alumni?

Yes No

7. In your company, who is/are the main decision makers for management/executive development programs? (Please specify names, and titles.)

Name: Title:
Name: Title:

Part II : Demographic Information
Please provide the following information on yourself for our classification purposes.

8. Gender

Male Female

9. Age

Under 30 years old 30-39 years old
40-49 years old 50-59 years old
60 years old and above

10. Title

Chairman or Chief Executive Officer/CEO President
Vice President Managing Director
General Manager Director
Department Head (please indicate )
Manager (please indicate )
Other (please indicate )

11. Industry

Agriculture Automotive, Transport, Utilities
Banking, Insurance, Finance Consumer Products
Construction, Real Estate Heavy Industry
Hotels, Restaurants, Tours, Hospitality Information Technology, Office Automation, Telecommunications
Light Industry (please indicate )
Media, Entertainment, Advertising, Marketing
Professional Services, Consultancy Services
Retail, Importing, Exporting
Other (please indicate )