Top 4 Strengths of Female Leaders

In the past, the roles of women in many cultures have been limited to wife and mother. Today, in our ever-changing and evolving world, we see many powerful women in the top positions of big corporations, and even leading their countries – Angela Markel (Chancellor of Germany), and Theresa May (Former UK Prime Minister) are great examples. And yet, the majority of leadership positions in most industries (and countries!) are still occupied by men.

Why? Do men lead teams more effectively than women?

Actually, recent research from Harvard Business Review shows that women are rated better than men on key leadership capabilities. And another study concluded that female and male leaders have different strengths in their leadership styles.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’d like to share what we think are the top 4 strengths of female leaders to help empower all of our female followers! Here you go!


#1: More Engaging

Believe it or not, it starts with hormones! Research shows that women have higher oxytocin levels than men and it makes them feel more connected to people. If you are a female boss, don’t be surprised if you care about your subordinates and would like to connect with them on a more personal level than your male colleagues. Your team members are so lucky to have a leader like you!


#2: Transformational Leadership

Most employees wish they could have a “dream boss” who inspires them to be innovative and motivates them when they fail or make a mistake. On top of everything, the dream boss should care about their personal development rather than only focus on reaching business goals. This leadership style is called Transformational Leadership. Would you be surprised to learn that female leaders are better at this style of leadership than men?! As a woman, you are naturally inclined to be a “dream boss”!


#3: Communication

Female leaders excel at communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Think about yourself. When a member of your team has had a bad day, you, a female boss, can often intuitively know by just reading that person’s body language! Naturally, you’ll ask him or her to meet you in person, leverage empathy, offer encouraging words, and help motivate your team members. Of course women are great communicators!


#4: Strength-Based Tasks

Because of your desire to engage with your team, you often discover and can then make use of the hidden talents of your subordinates, talents which sometimes even HR can’t see! Imagine you ‘re having lunch with your team and a new staff member happily starts talking about playing in a band in university. You discover his passion for music, so you keep this in the back of your mind until you have a music-related project that you can assign to him, knowing that he’ll do a great job. That’s what great leaders do!

These traits may not match the traits of all female leaders as they are based on studies from sample groups. But we believe that these traits are essential for all leaders. No matter what gender you are, you can apply these ideas to your leadership style.

For all of the women leaders out there, use your strengths and be confident. We know, because multiple studies back this up, that you have the potential to be great leaders!



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