How far can we go? : Discover Divergent Thinking & Convergent Thinking.

Songkran is a long vacation that many people have waited. This is also the perfect time to take some rest and be away from work. But right here at Sasin Executive Education, our passion for education never took a break.

During the holiday, our staffs still did some research, created content, designed activities for a special workshop that we really believe that it is valuable for future generation of Thailand.

On Saturday, April 20, 2019, our director, Asst. Prof. Dr. Piyachart Phiromswad led the team to conduct Divergent Thinking Workshop for 300 of M.4 students at Patumwan Demonstration School (PSD). This workshop aimed to help the students maximize their creativity and equip them with teamwork skills.



“How far can we go in kilometer?”

Assist. Prof. Dr. Piyachart asked this question to 300 students and encouraged them to have their own answers. There were no right or wrong. Interestingly, the answers were really diverse.







The students were encouraged to open their hearts by not judging their peers’ opinions.

“All ideas are essential and we can be further developed them.” Asst. Prof. Dr. Piyachart explained.

This is the core of “Divergent Thinking” which is to generate creative ideas by exploring as many possible solutions as possible.

The next activity was more fun, the students worked as teams to brainstorm ideas about  “Which elements that you don’t want to have in your school in the future?”

To demonstrate that creativities are beyond any limits, the students used their body as whiteboards to share ideas.   



The outcome was really fascinating as the most productive team came up with 54 ideas in 5 minutes.   

“No homework, No dog, No exam, No library.” Some students answered.

This productive team also shared that they encouraged friends to freely share their opinion without criticizing or blaming.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Piyachart also briefly introduced ‘Convergent Thinking’. Different from Divergent Thinking, Convergent Thinking is analytical thinking process, reflection and coming up with decision. This process should come after having a lot of ideas from Divergent Thinking.   

Both Divergent and Convergent Thinking process are fundamental elements of creative problem-solving but they need to be implemented separately.

The problem started when the leaders try to do both processes at the same time. For example, when your staffs are proposing their ideas to you, you criticized them immediately.

“This is a stupid idea”

“I did it before but it did not work”

This will shut your team down from generating more ideas and creativity will stop.  

This workshop ended with laugh and smile for PDS students, teachers and Sasin Executive Education team. Back to office, after the workshop, we still think about the enthusiasm of the students and the fun activities. Then, we all agreed that our effort during Songkran were well paid off.