Sasin Digital Experience : The 1st Week

The first week of Sasin Digital Experience (SDX) was very fascinating and engaging! On April 27, 2019, our 47 participants greeted new friends, had fun with breaking the ice activities, then they were divided into 4 houses called “Cloud 9”, “Alpha-Omega” “Phoenix” and “Black Sapphire.”

They set out the journey of digital transformation at Sasin with Disruption Workshop conducted by Assist.Prof.Dr.Piyachart Phiromswad. This workshop aimed to enhance the participants’ growth mindset and creativity, which are considered the most wanted soft skills for today’s digital era.

Through Active Learning process which is the key approach at Sasin Digital Experience (SDX), the 47 participants were encouraged to push the boundaries of digital transformation. Through brainstorming session, the members of the 4 houses laughed, discussed concerns, shared experience together and finally came up with amazing ideas. “Classes are not lectures, but they are structured as interactive, experiential learning. We learn from each other.” He also emphasized. This interactive experience was rare and could find only at Sasin Digital Experience (SDX)

At the end of the workshop, Asst.Prof.Dr.Piyachart introduced another exciting elements of this program which are Japan Residential session and Digital CSR group project. We believe that all projects created by SDX Batch1 : “Cloud 9”, “Alpha-Omega” “Phoenix” and “Black Sapphire”, are going to be amazing!