Senior Executive Program (SEP)


Leadership and Organizational Change

  • Dynamics and influence of individual, group, and organizational behaviors
  • Designing incentives to improve employees’ job satisfaction
  • Employee performance metrics
  • Conflict management strategies
  • The art and science of negotiation
  • Organization development and modern approaches to change management
  • Cultural context of organization behavior for international managers
  • ·Environmental and technological impact on organization structure and design

Profitable Growth & Value Creation

  • Evaluation of investment alternatives
  • Risk hedging through available financial instruments
  • Efficient financial management through major financial tools; capital budgeting, cash flow and capital structure analysis
  • Derivative securities and risk management
  • Mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and other financial market developments

Technology Strategy in Emerging Business

  • Blue ocean strategy in the digital era
  • Digital disruption & Competition: Identifying the differences
  • Elements of digital transformation – Market facing challenges
  • Elements of digital transformation – Organizational challenges
  • Digital strategy: Market driven digital transformation
  • Best practice: Digital transformation in Asia
  • Discussion & Reflections: Managing in the digital era

Creating Innovative Strategies

  • The power of innovation and winning best practices
  • Creating an innovation strategy
  • Activating a systematic 7 – step innovation process
  • Conducting real – world ethnographic research
  • Uncovering customer needs and generating new solutions
  • Managing cross – functional teams effectively
  • How values and norms impact an innovation mindset
  • Creating an innovation culture vision
  • Unleashing the innovation leader within you
  • Putting innovation into action – a 90-day action  plan

Marketing for a Digital Age

  • Understand the drivers of digital disruption.
  • Recognize why digital has the power to disrupt, how you can harness that power, and identify the most effective ways to direct it.
  • Understand the components of the digital marketing mindset and how to apply these in your business immediately.
  • Understand consumer value creation in a digital world, and how to rethink the customer journey to build digital advantage.
  • Experience, dissect, and discuss examples of best practice from around the world.

Strategic Management

  • Major elements of strategic management
  • Role and process of internal appraisal, analysis of management and functions, assessment of resources
  • External appraisal, forecasting, changing competitive and market dynamics, opportunities and threats
  • Approaches to strategy formulation, goals, steps, and action plans
  • Strategic management and executive decision-making